May the fourth be with you...

Author: Amanda   Date Posted:4 May 2015 

Who doesn't love Star Wars? A series of movies for kids, parents and even grandparents to enjoy together standing the test of time. Today is May 4th, also known as Star Wars day so we decided to celebrate.

I was in charge of morning tea and so these cute Wookie and Princess Leia inspired Gingerbread cookies were born

Wookie Cookies

These gingerbread are quickly and easily changed into Wookies and Princesses, and are great fun for kids. Simply make gingerbread using a normal gingerbread man cookie cutters for the Wookies. Once cut to Gingerbread man shape, roll them out slightly to make them larger and thinner (gingerbread is very soft and pliable, so if you end up with fat Wookies just gently push the belly back in) then use a fork to to make imprints for the fur. Don't be afraid to make them quite deep, as the gingerbread cooks it will spread slightly and they won't be as noticeable. A black gel pen for the eyes and nose once they have cooled and ready to roll fondant cut into thin strips makes the bandoleer, followed up with white royal icing (recipe below) piped in dots finish him off. Easy peasy!

The Princess Leia cookies are a bit more work but absolutely adorable once complete. I used a bear in a dress cookie cutter, then cut the ears off and moved them to be more towards the side of the head to make that iconic hairstyle. A female cookie cutter and small balls of gingerbread added on would create the same effect.

Royal Icing

To make the royal icing used to decorate whisk one egg white until foamy, then slowly add 1 1/4 cups of icing sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice. If you find the mix too runny add a bit more icing sugar so you have a good piping consistency. Keep 3/4 white, for the dresses, then dye half the remaining mix a peachy skin tone and the other half brown for the face and hair. Pipe the outline for the dress, then fill the inside in, using a knife to fill in any gaps. Royal icing finds its level so you'll end up with a fairly smooth finish and its sets hard, giving it an advantage over buttercream when it comes to small children making a mess while eating it! Once dry then pipe the faces and then the hair, finally red and blue gel pens finished off her smiling face.


And thats it! Fun Star Wars inspired gingerbread for everyone to enjoy. Stayed tuned for more party cakes and party food ideas coming soon!



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