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Recently I was asked to make a hamburger cake for a friends birthday and I was super nervous. Fortunately this cake came out looking fantastic and was much easier to make than it looks, and I'm here to tell you how you can accomplish this at home.

Birthday Cake ideasHamburger Birthday Cake Birthday Cake Ideas


You will need 3 cakes for this creation, two butter cakes and a chocolate cake. You can make these any size you want, but remember you are going to trim them down a bit. For mine, I used 20cm round cake tins so this made a fairly large cake. The cakes then need to be shaped using a serrated knife. Freezing the cakes make it much easier to carve them into the shapes you need, although as they defrost reasonable quickly you do need to work at a decent pace. Using the natural rise on the first butter cake I just rounded the edges slightly to make the top of the bun.

Hamburger cake instructions

The second butter cake and the chocolate cake both needed to be leveled so they are flat. I very slightly rounded the bottom of the butter cake just to give it more of a "bun" look. Both the top and bottom edges of chocolate cake were rounded, but I also trimmed the cake down so as the "burger" part of this cake it was sitting inside the bun, and that was it wasn't the same width as the bun. Another way of achieving this if you don't want to trim the cake down that much is to use a smaller cake tin than the butter cakes, but don't go too small because you still want to see the chocolate cake.



To make the cheese I used pre-coloured yellow fondant and rolled it out flat. Using a ruler I measured the chocolate cake and cut out a square of fondant that would slightly hang over the side of the cake.

Again using pre-coloured fondant, this time in red, I rolled it flat and cut it out in a shape resembling dripping sauce. These only have to be small as the top bun hides them from sight, you only see them coming down the side of the burger so it doesn't have to sit all the way across the cheese. Do 3 or 4 with varying amounts of drips to place strategically around the edges. You can then place the chocolate cake with the fondant to the side, the burger is complete!

Hamburger Cake Instructions

As I used butter cream for the bun elements of the cake you need to do a crumb coat. A crumb coat is essentially a very thin coat of butter cream that catches all the crumb so they don't appear in your final creation. Do a very light layer of butter cream all over both cakes and then put them in the fridge for at least an hour to get cold. The butter cream will form a crust that will stop any crumbs from escaping. Butter cream goes soft very quickly so if you can make the butter cream the day before and then refrigerate it covered with glad wrap. Give it a good mix before using it the next day. The bun was coloured with gel colouring, using a mix of brown and a tiny bit of yellow. I used yellow to make it more realistic looking and didn't feel brown alone looked quite right. Spread the butter cream over the two "bun" cakes. I placed my cakes on glad wrap so I could pick them up easily when I needed too just by sliding them off the bench. This way I could get butter cream right down to the bottom of the cakes but not worry about it getting on the bench.You won't get a 100% smooth finish using butter cream like you do with royal icing, but that bit of texture really adds to your design. 

Hamburger Cake Instructions

Once you've covered the top bun with butter cream, sprinkle rice bubbles on top to make sesame seeds. For the bottom bun, pipe green butter cream to make lettuce using a star nozzle around the edge of the cake. Make some longer than others to hang down the sides of the bun. Now your ready to assemble your cake.

Hamburger Cake InstructionsHamburger Cake Instructions

Put a small ball of butter cream on the plate your going to serve on, to hold the cake in place. Carefully put the bottom bun in the centre of your plate. Place the burger and fondant on top, then finally add the top bun. Refrigerate the cake so the butter cream doesn't melt (this is especially important if your in a warmer climate or have the heating on, as the lettuce will slide down the bottom bun and make a puddle on the plate!) Finally after the cake had been refrigerated for a while, use a toothpick to slightly rough up the lettuce to give it a more natural look. 

And thats it! A hamburger cake that's perfect for either adults or kids.

Hamburger Cake Birthday Cake


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