Author: Annetta   Date Posted:30 August 2016 

Halloween is fast approaching... again!

Its a funny holiday here in Australia...  most see it as an American import, forgetting its roots in Celtic history and of course its relationship to All Saints Day / All Hallows Eve.  

For me, I see it as a way to have fun with the kids and enjoy having friends and family over for a night of games and laughter!  Having kids on the younger side, we go for the tamer, kid friendly, non scary version of Halloween, so our games tend to be more Dunking for Apples, Find the Ghosts and the occasional Scavenger Hunt.  


Ghost PicksAs always, Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas on party games and recipes - I once did a frozen hand icecube in punch - that went down well!  Even small things like premade gingerbread men iced to look like mummies makes the kids smile!  

For all the great games out there, the kids always beg for Dunking for Apples - its an oldie but a goodie!  I think its more about getting wet than trying to get the apples, but I must admit seeing kids running around eating apples after all those treats is not a bad thing either!

To dress up your Halloween table, we have a great range of cupcake party picks - eyeballs, ghosts and skeletons!  We also stock Halloween Cupcake Trees, Spiderweb Tablecovers, Skeleton Hanging Decorations, Flashing Jack o Lanterns and of course.. Spider webs!!



The great thing about Halloween is you are only limited by your imagination - one year I cut up black rectangular plastic tablecovers into long strips (leaving one end intact) and hung them near the front door so you had to go through a tunnel of  black before entering the party - tablecovers also work well to cover up your white walls to create a haunted house!


Each year I tend to buy something else to add to my collection - similar to what you do at Christmas, slowly building up a stash of stuff to decorate the whole house, not just one room.  Last year I got a fantastic skull garland, that had different coloured led globes, so we had a little disco area!  The ones we have available this year are a little different, they have red and purple glitter skulls, but are essentially the same.

We have got a great range of Halloween stock coming in store over the next few weeks, including the introduction of Scarecrow Vampire Fangs, Mehron Bloods and Mehron Make Ups!  We also have lots of new Wigs from Tomfoolery, including Green Knight, Werewolf and the old favourite, Mad Hatter.  Keep an eye on facebook and instagram, we will be showing lots of photos of our newest products!

Have a great day!







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